I'm looking forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals and setting in place simple systems to help you maintain the order we'll create. Organizing should be fun, productive and most of all, it should be something that lasts. It should accomplish the number one goal of simplifying your life while giving you more time to enjoy your lifestyle. Our own possessions, gathered over the course of a lifetime, no matter what age we are, can begin to "stufficate" us. In order to make room for new experiences and new opportunities, it's good to shed our skins from time to time. Thinning and organizing our possessions creates conditions that allow more good to flow into our lives. Organizing is a physical chore and sometimes emotionally challenging, but it is also liberating and exhilarating. But it's not just about getting rid of possessions. It's about helping you live your life the way you want to.

Here's a thumbnail sketch of what an organizing job entails. First, you are the decision maker. You know your own goals and needs. I will act as your guide in the organizing process, and I'll help you with information, ideas and suggestions as we move through the work together. We'll begin with a brief on-site assessment, talk about what's working and what's not working, discuss some possibilities and then create a personalized plan of action. Then, we'll get started, following the SPACE formula: (Thanks to author Julie Morgenstern's "Organizing From the Inside Out" for this wonderful and effective structure! It works for a drawer, a room or an entire house.)
SORT - all the items in the space, however big or small
PURGE - get rid of what you don't want (Favorite charity? Recycling? Trash?)
ASSIGN - assign places for what you're keeping which helps us decide about storage
CONTAINERIZE - here's where the potential shopping comes in
EQUALIZE - this means a brief but regular clean up at the end of your day. This helps to reinforce, fine tune and maintain your personalized system.

I'll bring some of my own starter containers and tools to help us begin the process. I like to get as much into a workday as possible, but we'll have fun and take a few breaks to stand back and see how we're doing. The speed at which we move is based on a number of things: How long the areas in question have been unattended, how clear you are on what you choose as your goal, and how engaged you are in the process. I have worked with clients who have embraced the "thinning" concept before I arrived and things go reasonably quickly, because the willingness to proceed has been established. I have worked with other clients who have not arrived at the point at which they are willing to discard some items as part of the process and that makes it a slower endeavor, in that each item becomes a contemplative issue. I'll be your clutter coach and cheerleader throughout the process and we'll take it a step at a time, whether we're doing one room or the whole house.

By the end of Day One, you'll see real progress, and when we're done, you'll be helping your friends organize. The really good news is, organizing is catching. Be amazed as friends, family and partners get involved and onboard as we proceed. And yes, I do offices as well.


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Kay Jeffries