Kay Jeffries saved my life!
     Kay describes herself as a 'fearless and nonjudgmental professional organizer.' She is all of these, but on a superlative level. Kay helped me (well, she really DID it for me) move from one house to another. In the process many 'ghosts' were laid to rest as she compassionately helped me go through boxes filled with memories from deceased friends and relatives. She also gave me courage to shed many items that I simply don't use or need any more.
     Kay is fearless and willing to tackle any task. The only times when she seemed disappointed were when I encouraged her to take some down time.
     Kay is very professional and I trust her so completely that she knows more about my house and my files than I do! I must confess that before Kay came into my life I would often lose something. After a few days I
would go out and buy a replacement for the lost item. Of course all of these items turned up at the time of the move. I am now able to find anything within 5 minutes or less.
     I have asked Kay to allow me to keep her on a lifetime retainer, at least one day a month."

M. Pamela Penn
October 2005

     "You will be glad to have Kay Jeffries as a part of your team. She will organize you, your office, and your life to the degree of your choosing by putting systems in place that will allow for you to focus on what you do day in and day out. Kay's efforts will not only un-clutter your office, desk, or home, but will un-clutter your mind, which will allow you to move throughout each day in a more relaxed state. Kay understands that each piece of paper has a story and thus treats each piece of paper and each file folder with respect.  Kay is gentle and refreshing with her encouraging words, grounded spirit, and non-judgmental way, yet is efficient and fearless when attacking any mess. She has brought structure to my filing systems, which I've needed for a long time with me running five businesses out of my one little home-based office. Hire Kay. You'll be glad you did."

John N. Nanni, MBA
Speaker - Author - Entrepreneur
Ripple, Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ


   "I felt clearer, lighter, and cleaner on many levels after working with Kay.      Kay is truly fearless and non-judgmental. Her way of being helped me to release the guilt about holding on to so many things from my past. She is realistic, balanced and thoughtful in her approach. She is decisive and supportive and moves quickly through the process."

Marge Smith
Inner Spark
Personal Growth Counselor


"Putting our taxes together was so much easier this year. It was truly a great experience because the office is so organized. We'll definitely have you back again!"

Melissa and John Fenner

"Kay Jeffries is focused and systematic in her quest to help anyone clear the clutter out of their lives. She is easy to work with and helps make the difficult task of creating order out of chaos enjoyable. After working with Kay, I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for an efficient way to organize their office space or their home."

Tammy Bosse,

   "I REALLY love having the house straight. Eager to have the bedroom and bath done but NOT looking forward to the "doing of it": So GLAD I have YOU to do it.
     I find I'm watching TV less since I don't need the distraction from the mess or the 'calming influence' of how it just put me into a trance. It was ALWAYS on before, and now I'll just putter around in the quiet, and be happy within the peace and serenity of my neat house. I'm amazed by this! Several people at work have been saying they need to do something like this and I'll be giving them your name so they can contact you."

Anne J.

____________________________________________________ ________

"I recommend Kay Jeffries with great enthusiasm. She is extremely intelligent, upbeat and definitely has the organizing 'gene'. Whatever your task, she will attack it with insight and skill. She possesses the highest integrity and sensitivity. She will support you to pass on or discard the needless clutter in your personal and professional life."

Nan Stockhlom Walden, J.P.
Vice President and Counsel
Farmers Investment Co.
Sahaurita, AZ


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Kay Jeffries